Sex can be a lot of things: fun, emotional, incredible, complicated - but it shouldn’t be painful.


In a recent study carried out by NATAL, 51% of womxn in the UK reported pain or anxiety during sex.

Sexual healing isn’t having sex to make things better.

Sex is better when you know what you want.


We believe that sex is about so much more than just the physical.


Sexual self-care deserves a seat at the table. So does female pleasure. And most importantly, you do too. Ferly is all about smashing the taboos around sex, which is why we created an app that empowers you to connect to your body and explore your sexuality in a way that feels right for you. In the app you can explore science made sensual, learn to connect with your bodies and minds and unpack social narratives that might be holding you back from your pleasure.

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What’s in a name?


Old English: færlic 

In case your Old English is a little rusty, Ferly is an ancient word with a meaning that has developped over time. What was once associated with darkness, terror and the fear of the unknown, has since shifted into the modern lexicon as a noun meaning ‘a marvel, a wonder’.

What better word than to describe the mystical nature of female sexuality and pleasure than one which was once seen as something to be feared, and now is something to marveled at?

Pretty accurate, we would say.