It’s been a couple of millennia, so how about womxn have a space to talk about sex freely, playfully, intuitively and without judgement?

As a sexual wellbeing company, we are incredibly lucky that we have each other to talk about dating, relationships, sexual health and all of the emotions that lie behind our sexuality. But not everyone has that (probs not like us, unless going to sex parties with your boss is the norm for you too). From talking to you folks, we know that community is what you’re craving.

So join Pleasure Pioneers, a new community hosted by Team Ferly! It’s a safe, supportive and free from judgement space for you to talk about sex, connect with other womxn and have candid and authentic conversations from LGBTQ+ topics to cultural references, political standpoints to relationships and dating.

Because even though sexuality is personal, we’re all in this fight for sexual equality together, ya know?

Here’s how you apply …
1. Fill out our quick + easy Typeform 👇
2. Have a chinwag with one of Team Ferly ☎️
3. We’ll email your invite 💥

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