Why we chose to use Slack as our community channel


Community + conversation is at the heart of why we built Ferly.

Talking to and hearing from womxn, from family and friends to folks at panel events to people on the gram - it’s been (and continues to be) incredible and inspiring. But we always felt like the conversation was stunted and not able to flow two ways. 

We wanted a way of having actual conversations with you; to really hear what you have to say. Events are cool but they’re not frequent enough for us to be connecting with you all!

Instagram has been a great way of seeing what you’re engaging with and hearing your thoughts.

We have been vulnerable and we have shared, and it’s clear to see that you have a lot to say on the subjects of sex, sexuality and pleasure ✊

The thing is with Instagram, is that accounts like ours are getting shadow-banned and the algorithms are NOT in our favour #TheInternetIsScaredOfFemalePleasure. 

On top of that, Instagram doesn’t enable us to have constant conversations with you, nor is it built to have multiple conversations with multiple people around a certain topic or conversation. 

Cue: Slack. 

We (and perhaps many of you) use Slack on a daily basis to streamline our work communication. It’s an amazing tool for business, but we’ve seen its potential in building and growing communities through other brands, and we’re jumping on the bandwagon. 

Slack enables us to create multiple channels for multiple topics of conversation.

We wanted a space where we could discuss sex, sexuality, LGBTQ+ issues, dating, relationships, self-pleasure and hear your feedback on the app without having to find a picture, manage hundreds of DM convos and do it all on one post. We can host all of that and more on Slack. Our Community Slack space will also enable you folks to interact with each other, and maybe find some friends along the way #ferlyfriendsforevs. 

We’re keeping things intimate because we want this to be a space built on trust + mutual respect.

We want the folks who come into this channel to respect the Ferly values, because that’s how you build a healthy and supportive community - and get the most out of it and those conversations - from the start.

We’re only opening up 100 spots on the channel to begin with, and for us it’s about engaging with the community who advocates for sexual self-care, for better resources on sex, sexuality and female pleasure, and who want to help bring Ferly to the forefront of the sexual wellness revolution. 

So yeah, this is kind of a call to arms to all of you who could do with widening the conversation and closing the pleasure gap.

Because we all know shit gets done quicker when womxn come together to do it, right? 

PS: we have created a Manifesto which outlines the values we expect our community to uphold when in these spaces and conversations. It’s important for us that we set the tone and make it clear that this is a safe, supportive and inclusive space. We encourage you to read these values and to think about how you feel about them before applying…

#PleasurePioneers Manifesto 

I promise to uphold the following values which form the foundation of this community, one built on trust and mutual respect: 

✌🏾To respect the pronouns outlined by folks when they introduce themselves.

✌🏾 To never use language which denigrates or dehumanises any person of any gender identity, orientation, sexual preference, race, faith, culture, ability.

✌🏾To ensure that opinions are stated clearly, and when using facts or stats, to reference where possible.

✌🏾To refrain from swearing at or to anyone else in the channel.

✌🏾To report any members who use derogatory language, be that in relation to sex, sexuality, race, disability, orientation, faith or culture to Team Ferly.

✌🏾To hold space for others, and to be respectful of differing opinions.

✌🏾To never screenshot any conversation unless all members included in the screenshot have consented to it.

✌🏾 To respect anyone’s anonymity should they wish to be/remain anonymous.

✌🏾 To foster progression, encourage empathy and facilitate growth in this community.

✌🏾 To show up with an open mind and a warm heart 💓