WTF Is Mindful Sex?


Mindful sex is about slowing the F down, understanding what you really want from sex and putting your pleasure first.

It’s about being aware of how you have sex, how it makes you feel, and what you can be doing to make it more pleasurable.

For a lot of people, the holy grail is GREAT SEX. But what does that even look like? Great for who? How are we defining ‘greatness’?

That greatness starts with you.

Mindful sex is all about putting our sexual self-care front and centre, because, let’s be honest: it’s been a long time coming.


A few thoughts on our relationship to sex from Team Ferly 👇🏽 


3 change-makers talk sex, self-pleasure, bodies + mindfulness.


Sophie Hellyer

Radical feminist + environmental activist

Africa Brooke

Sex positive mindset coach + speaker

Florence Swift

Body positive + ED recovery advocate