Your audio guide to feeling confident, healthy and sexually empowered.


‘Sex is complicated.’
Learning about it shouldn’t be.

Ferly is a digital studio where folks can discover more about their sexuality, how they have sex and how they feel about it. Unwind with our mindful practices, stimulate your brain and body with our sensual stories or take a moment to reflect on what great sex means to you.

But wait. WTF is sexual self-care? Sexual self-care is all about tuning into your body, connecting with your mind and learning what you want and what you don’t want. This is your journey to better understanding your relationship to sex.

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Guided Practices

Have you ever had an orgasm just by breathing?

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Would listening to a story get you in the mood?

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Food For Thought

Did you know that the clitoris was only ‘discovered’ in 1998?


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