Your Audio Guide To Mindful Sex 💭

Launching Summer 2019 🚀

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We believe a good understanding of sex -
how we feel about it and how we have it - is vital to our individual well-being. That’s why we launched Ferly,
a space to explore what pleasure means to you.

Ferly empowers you to know your mind, explore your body and understand your social world more deeply than ever before. Tune in to get a quick hit of science, practice re-wiring your thoughts and reflect on your core beliefs. Tune out to explore your fantasies and discover your boundaries through stimulating stories. This is not about great sex. It will never be about great sex. This is about you putting words to the shape of your pleasure, to acknowledge that it’s a strange, wondrous and ever-changing thing. To develop an inner confidence that transforms your most important relationship: the one you have with yourself.