5 brands encouraging us to be more mindful about women’s health


Practising mindfulness doesn't necessarily = meditation (although it totally can). We're part of a community of fearless female-founded women’s health brands who are encouraging womxn to be more mindful of their health - here’s five of our faves.

maude vibrator sex toy

Moody Month
- mindful moods

Whether we like it or not, our periods affect how we feel; not just on a monthly basis, but every single day. Moody Month is an app which allows you to not only track your cycle, but better understand your hormones and moods in relation to it. We love how you can opt in to receive daily reminders about what, why and how you might be feeling.

- mindful periods

Daye are here to change the face of womxn’s health. Their first product is a CBD-infused tampon which is sustainable AF and is designed specifically to help fight pain and cramps during your period. They’re still yet to launch, but their website is a gold mine of intriguing articles (s/o to their editor Liv Cassano!) and we’re excited to see what happens next. Keep your eyes peeled for a Ferly feature on there soon ;)

- mindful contraception

Condoms have always been designed for men. Womxn walking into Boots or Tesco to pick up a 10 pack of Durex has connotations of a) shame and b) being ‘un-feminine’. Hanx’s beautifully packaged vegan condoms not only look great, but also empower us to take control. We love their product and what they’ve done with Hanx Life, a community forum space for womxn to share their experiences and start conversations about anything and everything to do with sex, sexual health and relationships.

- mindful masturbation

If you’ve never been that interested in vibrators, we guarantee that you’ll be queuing up for a Maude Vibe. They’ve been described as the Aesop of sex toys, and it definitely looks like a piece of art you could display shamelessly on your bedside table. We love that they’re making it more accessible and their online journal The Maudern is our one of our go-to spaces for sexual wellness.

- mindful motherhood

Elvie have been radical motivators in the fem-tech space since they started and they’re not afraid to challenge or disrupt social narratives around womxn’s health and motherhood (anyone else catch the giant inflatable boobs around London earlier this year?). We see mindfulness in their approach to shifting the conversation and offering products that make womxn feel more empowered about being a mother.