In support of morning sex


The sex last night was great, and it tired you out. It’s warm under the covers and you slept so deeply - in fact, you’re still half asleep right now. Maybe you’re not used to a warm body sleeping so close to you. It’s a gentle heat - comforting, familiar, peaceful. You are both naked, and you’ve never felt more like yourself. 

A cool breeze floats through the window which you cracked open in the early hours. There’s still a bottle of wine resting peacefully on the window sill, two glasses tastefully stained red just at the rim. 

You can see the sun rising behind the silken curtains, and as the breeze ripples the fabric back and forth, you catch a glimpse of what it means to be up with the birds. 

Closing your eyes, you fall back into a soft slumber. You reach over and stroke their arm - a reflex, an automatic instinct in this moment. Their body reacts and without opening their eyes, they turn around to face you. Both in this dreamlike state, your movements are intuitive; there is stroking, grabbing, kissing, biting. Your minds are in another world, but your bodies are entirely here; here for this. 

As you slide into each other’s arms and explore the reaches of your imagination, without limitations, without overthinking, without questioning - just pure curiosity - it’s as if you are slipping into each other’s worlds. 

Hands reach down, arms are pinned, eyes stay closed, toes curl, noises escape out of mouths bound by kisses. 

Straddling fantasy and reality, it is both a dream and a tangible gift.

You continue. You finish. You lie breathless. Hot. Heaving. Eyes still closed, you drift back into yourselves. 

When you finally wake up, you both stare at the ceiling and with a smile, wonder - was that real?