8 POC Sex Educators You Should Be Following On Instagram


When we talk about sexual self-care and understanding our bodies so we can connect to our sexuality, we realise that it is a total privilege most accessible in white spaces. Historically, womxn of colour have been excluded from the conversation around sex, sexuality and female pleasure. The work to be done outside of white spaces is immense. Below are folks we have been following in particular, whose work has helped inform us of our biases, and whose words empower womxn of colour to embrace their sexuality.

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Ericka Hart

Ericka Hart (she/they) is a sex educator, breast cancer survivor and racial/social/justice disruptor. Their work in this space looks at social constructs around gender and sexuality, and encourages deep thought and radical conversation around how we view black femme bodies, particularly within the sexual landscape.


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Africa Brooke

You might recognise from our interview with her on mindfulness and sex, or from our panel event in April where we discussed sexual wellness. Africa totally captured our audience by sharing her own personal journey with sex, sexuality, drinking and now sobriety. Africa is the founder of The Cherry Revolution, a movement that aims to break societal norms surrounding womxn, identity and sexuality by making shameless pleasure a priority.


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Evy’an Whitney

Creator of the Sensual Selfie Challenge and Sexting Yourself (which we wrote about in our piece ‘5 ways to get in the mood that don’t involve porn’), Evy’An Whitney is a sex educator based in New York who is committed to helping womxn step into their sexual power. Her Instagram account is a constant reminder that we need to celebrate our sexuality and step out of any shame we feel for loving our bodies. What resonates most is the empowering tone of voice Evy’an holds.


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Dalychia Saah + Rafaella Fiallo

Co-founders Dalychia and Rafaella created Afrosexology so they could pioneer the sex-positive Black community that they needed to support their sexual liberation journey. It’s a space for Black folks to celebrate their sexuality, and to explore their own liberation.


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Tyomi Morgan-Najieb

Tyomi is the founder of Sex Ed blog Glamerotica 101, a YouTube sexologist, international pleasure coach and fearless unapologetic leader in the sex space. Follow Tyomi for heavy doses of reality checks about your body and sexuality, advice on how to upgrade your sex life and serious empowerment vibes.


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Dami Olonisakin

Simply Oloni, is an award winning women's platform for sex & relationship features created by Dami Olonisakin. You’ll find myriad articles and pieces written on anything and everything under the umbrella of sex and relationships. We particularly love the series ‘Sex and the Secrets’, where each week a Simply Oloni contributor will write about an intimate encounters of theirs.



Sangeeta Pillai

Sangeeta Pillai is a British-Indian writer whose one-womxn play The Masala Monologues captured the essence of how female sexuality + pleasure has been historically suppressed in Asian culture. Leaving her high-flying job in advertising, now Sangeeta is developing the Masala Monologues into a bigger show, showcasing more womxn of Asian heritage and their experiences with sex and sexuality.