Sensual Stories: Follow


In honour of the heatwave London is experiencing right now, we thought we’d give you a little teaser of a sensual story you can listen to on our app - the heat has been known to get folks in the mood, so maybe once you’ve cooled off and hydrated, you’ll be up for some playtime?

I lay naked beneath the soft cotton duvet, wet hair wrapped up on top of my head after a steamy hot shower. My eyes sting from lack of sleep and my mind is whirring with stress. I take a deep breath and inhale the delicious scent of coconut lingering on my skin, stretching and spreading my legs wide in an attempt to release the pressure that’s built up inside my body this week. The crisp sheets feel comforting against my bare skin. I lay in silence for a few moments, listening to the quiet emptiness of the night, wondering if the darkness will swallow me up. I’m restless so I reach for my phone to begin my nightly hobby: the bedtime Instagram scroll.

The blue glow of the screen blazes in the dim light. I can feel its radiance beaming up onto my face. Time disappears as I swipe my thumb repeatedly up the screen looking at filtered picture after filtered picture until I’m finally satisfied I’m caught up on the day’s events. I place the phone face-down on the wooden bedside table and try to drift off. A muted buzz and flash wakes me. 

I roll over, taking the smooth sheets wound around my naked limbs with me, tipping the phone to see who’s disturbed what feels like my only chance at sleep tonight. It’s him. 

Toby’s a friend of a friend – one I’ve never actually met – but last week I followed him after deciding he was hot. I wasn’t really expecting him to follow back, let alone private message me, but here’s the proof. My stomach lurches. The message is short but suggestive, asking me why I’m awake at 1am on a weeknight. I hesitate, wondering whether or not to open the chat. 

I watch as the water droplets on my skin disappear, soaking into the quilt, and admire how my body glints under the moonlight, still slippery with oil. As I move around in my bed I enjoy the feeling of the fabric skimming my warm breasts. I lick my lips and suddenly feel exposed, noticing the freedom between my thighs. For a second, I imagine he can see me. Pleasure jolts down to my pelvis at the thought of him watching me writhe around under a blanket of feathers. I can picture his broad body next to mine, heating me up on this cold wintry night. I reach back to my bedside table, drop the phone on the wood with a clatter and slide open the top drawer to pull out a bottle of lube and my bullet. 

If you want to get in the mood and find out what happens in the rest of the story, head to the Ferly app and listen to Follow - it gets hella sexy, trust us. Happy heatwave ☀️💦